The genes of an machooka was obtained by Humans. Modified in certain terms, it was embedded into especially-grown animals. With the various test made, the observation was made that they would strictly adhere to orders that they were given.

However, an unfortunate power failure cause the test subjects to let loose from their incubators. You are one such creature: one which has demonstrated high psychic properties.

Of course, you will want to escape, but, one might expect that the going will not be easy. The people in charge of the lab see you, and your kin, as valuable test subjects, but also cannot simply let you go. However, if push comes to shove, they will kill you, despite your worth.

-Simple logic puzzles and survival.
-Training mode.
-Stat-based gameplay.
-Hand-crafted pixel art graphics.
-Dynamic Industrial music.
-Custom menu.
-Custom item system.
-Action battle system inspired by God of War.
-3 difficulties level.
-Short scenes and dialogues.
-Over 40 maps without unnecessary elements.
-Half-open world.
-Animated elements of the interface. (computer, cabinets, avatar)
-Character creator.
-Dark humor.
-Anime design.